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Rhett Marley was born and raised in Texarkana, Texas.  In 2006, Rhett moved to Charleston, SC to attend college at Charleston Southern University. It was during this time that he began to grow as a photographer and Marley Photography was formed. “I honestly didn't plan on becoming a wedding photographer early on in my career.  It's so cliché to say it, but the wedding industry found me haha!  My classmates began to get engaged and I was thankfully one of the few students that had taken courses on photography and had his own professional gear ready to be put to use.  That's truthfully how this business was formed.  As time progressed, it became a snowball effect that grew into what Marley Photography, LLC has become today: an award winning event photography business!"

As Marley Photography began to grow, Rhett and his wife Alicyne both photographed weddings. The Marley family has grown to where they now have two boys and a newborn girl. As you can imagine, finding a babysitter every weekend and sometimes up to three times a weekend simply became too much to manage. Because of this, Alicyne has transitioned into being a stay at home mother.  She continues to work behind the scenes which has allowed Rhett to focus more on what he loves: photography!“

"I love the opportunities that arise from being a professional photographer! I have encountered people from all walks of life. I have witnessed more people get married than what most see in a lifetime. I capture the exciting moments of young love during an engagement. I watch as families come together after being a part for months or years and appreciate the genuine smiles on their faces. I get to congratulate seniors as they reach a goal that took them years to achieve. I tell people that being a photographer is one of the best jobs anyone can have, but many never give it a second thought… What people fail to appreciate is that I have the honor of capturing milestones in life that are never to be repeated again. I pray that I never lose sight of this passion!” - Rhett Marley

Rhett and Alicyne Marley would love the opportunity to meet and work with you on capturing some of your life’s most precious moments.  Please click on Contact for more information. / 843.291.9999

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